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LOVE YOUR BODY: Make Healthy Choices Because You Love Your Body


I've been feeling mysteriously tired and kind of run down the last two weeks. I described it to someone as "pre-burned-out feeling". Like, I'm fine - not sick, not too overwhelmed, not too busy. . .but it seems like just a little bit more and I would get there.

Acknowledging that "pre-burn-out feeling" is important! Last week I made several conscious choices to benefit my physical and metal health! I ate more veggies, drank more water, went to yoga, and cancelled some evening commitments. 

I chose to do these things because I love myself and I love my body. It is counterproductive to make "healthy" choices out of punishment or judgement of yourself. (How "healthy" can something be if you are pressuring or shaming yourself into doing it?!) 

When mid-March comes (like, next week), things get even busier for me. So, I'm taking a few moments now to get back into my groove and prioritize my health. 

Hope you liked the quick video excerpt above reminding us to make healthy choices because we love our bodies! You can see the full video from a few months ago here


WELCOMING 2015 WITH INTENTION - Part 4: Infusing Self Love into Your Everyday Life

I'm excited to share the final part of my Welcoming 2015 With Intention series. In this video, I share five ways to infuse self love into your daily life. Loving yourself can help you be a stronger, happier, and more confident person.  I hope these tips will help bring some more self love into your life. 

In the video, I highlight these five ways to infuse self love into your everyday life: 

  1. Practice positive self talk.
  2. Create & display positive reminders of self love.
  3. Don't say negative things about other people.
  4. Prioritize yourself above everything else.
  5. Advocate for yourself. 

I hope this series has given you a glimpse of what I have to share.  As I mention in the video, in these four videos, I have just scratched the surface!

With Cat's Closet, I am able to share body positive messages and fatshion & style inspiration. With this blog, I hope to continue to share about those themes and add a lot more content related to self-development, as well as lifestyle topics and some general sassiness in all areas!

Thanks for viewing and listening!  

BANDELETTES: Practical & Sexy

Like many women, my thighs rub together when I walk which can cause a lot of skin irritation and discomfort. I religiously wear shorts, spanx (well, usually off-brand, spanx-like shorts), or tights under any skirt or dress! Sure, I sometimes like the curve-smoothing benefits of shapewear but, for me, it’s really a matter of comfort.

Let it be known that chafing is an issue for women of many sizes. And, just because one’s thighs touch does not necessarily mean it will cause discomfort. This issue has always plagued me for – well, forever. My thighs have touched as long as I can remember. And, I have sensitive skin. It took me years as a teenager to figure out how to shave without intense razor burn. (If you’re interested, my magic formula is a Venus razor, Dove soap, and NEVER LOTION after but coconut, olive, or baby oil instead.) I used to really, REALLY want the illusive “thigh gap” – not for the look but simply for relief from my burning skin.

I have friends who use other forms of protection from chaffing or, chub rub, as some folks call it. Using things like runner’s glide or deodorant. I’ve tried these things, but none of them offer enough protection for me. I need a layer of something between my legs and each other.

I’m so pleased to have found a protective alternative in addition to my spanx! Plus, something cooler, less constricting, and sexier! I am quickly becoming a fan of Bandelettes! I'm wearing them here under this chic, royal blue dress. This dress flairs out a bit, so it's sometimes difficult to conceal spanx under it. 

Blue Dress Bandelettes

I ordered Bandelette’s for the first time recently. They had a promotion going on, so I got 50% my second pair. I measured my thighs and was between sizes, so I ordered one up and one down. (Side Note: Through wearing these I have discovered that my thighs are shaped differently. Bodies are so cool and weird!)

I ordered two pair in different colors and two different sizes. They seem delicate but sturdy. I was pleased to find that the bands are stretchy and have a clear strip of grippy material on the top and bottom. (You know, that material that’s often on the cups of a strapless bra!) I would recommend sizing down as the smaller pair didn't fall or sag when I walked (once I positioned them where I wanted) but the larger size did. When I order some more, I’ll be sure to stick to the smaller size. 

Blue Dress Bandelettes Sitting

Not only do these offer protection and comfort, I definitely won't mind as much if they happen to peak out! 

Bandelette Stairs

Here's an up-close-and-personal look so you can see how they fit me. They're most comfortable when wore up at the top of my leg - right under my booty. 

Bandelette Up Close

I am very into these! But, I am interested to see how they hold up after several trips through the washing machine. And, how they’ll work for me in the humid, sticky summer.

For more info or to order some bandelettes of your own, check out their website

If any of y'all have worn these, I'd love to hear your experiences. Let me know in the comments below.