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LOVE YOUR BODY: Make Healthy Choices Because You Love Your Body


I've been feeling mysteriously tired and kind of run down the last two weeks. I described it to someone as "pre-burned-out feeling". Like, I'm fine - not sick, not too overwhelmed, not too busy. . .but it seems like just a little bit more and I would get there.

Acknowledging that "pre-burn-out feeling" is important! Last week I made several conscious choices to benefit my physical and metal health! I ate more veggies, drank more water, went to yoga, and cancelled some evening commitments. 

I chose to do these things because I love myself and I love my body. It is counterproductive to make "healthy" choices out of punishment or judgement of yourself. (How "healthy" can something be if you are pressuring or shaming yourself into doing it?!) 

When mid-March comes (like, next week), things get even busier for me. So, I'm taking a few moments now to get back into my groove and prioritize my health. 

Hope you liked the quick video excerpt above reminding us to make healthy choices because we love our bodies! You can see the full video from a few months ago here


WELCOMING 2015 WITH INTENTION: Part 3 - Health & Wellness

In part three of my series Welcoming 2015 With Intention, I share my thoughts and tips for embracing health and wellness! Many folks vow to "get healthy" in the new year! Unfortunately, for many people, "get healthy" is code for "lose weight". Well, not for me!  If you're thinking about health and wellness in the new year, this blog post shares some ways you can approach health in a supportive, body positive, loving way!  

Health and weight-loss are not the same thing! 

In case this is something new to you, health and weight-loss simply do not go hand in hand.  I am a strong believer in the Health at Every Size movement. Many folks have broken this info down better than I have, so I encourage you to take a look here and here. Plus, some thoughts on the weight-loss resolution trap here

Listen to your body and do more of what feels good! 

Like I've mentioned before, I believe our wisdom lies within. Our bodies know what we want and need. It's just a matter of listening and doing it! 

Think about wellness holistically! 

Health and wellness is so much more than just exercise and nutrition. I encourage you to think about health holistically. To consider all components of wellness, I like to use a wellness wheel. Take a look at the image to the right and feel free to look at this presentation that I modified from something I created for my day job. It goes in detail to describe each area of wellness. 

No need to label yourself as "good" or "bad" when talking about your actions. Just say what you mean! 

I think my example in the video says it all. You are valuable, good, worthy, and deserving. While your actions may be positive or negative, they don't make you a good or a bad person.  And, just say what you mean! 

Love your body! 

Let your love for your body and yourself motivate your healthy habits! Don't get caught up in the negative and scary cycle of making "health" choices out of anger or hate or shame or dislike for your body!