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WELCOMING 2015 WITH INTENTION - Part 4: Infusing Self Love into Your Everyday Life

I'm excited to share the final part of my Welcoming 2015 With Intention series. In this video, I share five ways to infuse self love into your daily life. Loving yourself can help you be a stronger, happier, and more confident person.  I hope these tips will help bring some more self love into your life. 

In the video, I highlight these five ways to infuse self love into your everyday life: 

  1. Practice positive self talk.
  2. Create & display positive reminders of self love.
  3. Don't say negative things about other people.
  4. Prioritize yourself above everything else.
  5. Advocate for yourself. 

I hope this series has given you a glimpse of what I have to share.  As I mention in the video, in these four videos, I have just scratched the surface!

With Cat's Closet, I am able to share body positive messages and fatshion & style inspiration. With this blog, I hope to continue to share about those themes and add a lot more content related to self-development, as well as lifestyle topics and some general sassiness in all areas!

Thanks for viewing and listening!