WATER WORKOUTS: & Confidence at the Pool

I love all things sunshine & swimming pool & beach!

One of my favorite ways to workout is at water fitness classes! These come in multiple forms. The classes that I frequent include Aqua Zumba, an H20 Cardio class, and general aqua fit/water aerobics. I also like to swim laps. Well, mostly kickboard laps.


I seek out water fitness classes everywhere I go! Currently, I take them at my amazing (albeit expensive for a #GirlOnABudget) gym & community center. Most places with a pool offer these type of classes.

Like any group fitness classes, the quality of the class depends a lot on the instructor and the focus. Some classes I’ve attended have crappy music (or, no music – ah!) and not very challenging moves or routines. While others are more active with a great cardio and strength workouts. It really just depends. My perspective is to try everything to see what I like. Also, I like to replicate water work out moves on my own later. (Yes, I am that lady at the pool!)

I usually wear a more supportive, “sensible” suit for these classes – purely based on comfort. I don’t like being distracted by my boobs popping up, bottoms falling down, or tankini top sloshing around when I’m trying to get my work out on.

My favorite water workout suit is a Reebok one-piece purchased years ago. (I can’t find the link but there are a few pics of me in it on Instagram.) And you know how I found this suit? Another fat girl was in a water work out class with me and I saw her wearing it. After class I pumped her for information! I especially wanted to know about the length (#LongTorsoProbs) but she assured me that it was really roomy in terms of length. And, it is!


Fat girls at the pool make other fat girls feel good. 

Whether you’re in a water workout class or just lounging at the pool, I think we can all agree that it feels good to see other body positive people there! For me, I especially love seeing other plus-size/curvy/fat ladies loving life in the sun and giving no fucks. I also try to be one of these people!

I notice when girls run for their towel or cover-up as soon as they get out of the pool. I see people’s hunched backs to draw attention away from their breasts or strategically placed arms to cover up tummies. I also see the judgmental looks people give others at the pool.

But when I see another curvy girl standing up straight and tall, unconcerned with covering things up or the illusion of angles, and owning her space, I feel a little more confident, too. And, I don’t know her or her heart. Shoot, this confidence could be a “fake it till you make it” situation. (Sometimes mine is, too!) But seeing her there makes it easier and better for me. It makes me feel good. I imagine it makes some of you feel good, too!

I recently shared a video of me in a bikini on Instagram where I say “tummies out at the pool and fat girls at the pool make other fat girls feel good”.  I remind myself of this when I’m considering which suit to put on. If I am just chilling at the pool, I challenge myself to wear what I feel most comfortable in and not what covers up the most.

When I am showing my tummy at the pool I feel like I am creating a small little revolution for me and other larger ladies. And, providing an educational experience for people (including all the kids at my pool) about the sizes and shapes of bodies and what is “acceptable”.

The same holds true for folks who are unbothered by their body hair, darkness between their thighs, or other things we're told are not pretty or not acceptable. 

Wear whatever you want to the pool! Do whatever feels right to you. I'm just saying that I have so much love and respect for people at the pool exuding a confident, body-positive vibe. Let us be be surrounded by those people and let us be those people if  we can. 

"Tummies out at the pool and fat girls at the pool make other fat girls feel good."