GOAL DIGGER PREVIEW: Staying Motivated to Achieve Your Goals

Today, GOAL DIGGER: A Guide to Approaching Your Future with Intention is available and this is the last blog post dedicated to previewing material from the workbook. 

GOAL DIGGER is a workbook for anyone who wants to work on connecting their long-term vision to shorter-term goals and everyday actions. Or, anyone who wants to think more deeply about their vision and plan to get there! 


Creating goals is exciting but many folks struggle with follow-through! Part #3 of GOAL DIGGER is dedicated to staying motivated to achieve your goals. I maintain the two best ways to stay motivated are to have a solid vision that you're excited to pursue and to reflect regularly. Part #1 of the workbook already has you digging deep into vision. Now, Part #3 offers several worksheets and prompts to help you regularly reflect on your goal progression. 

This download isn't a worksheet but a preview from some of Part #3's information for staying motivated! 

GOAL DIGGER is available today! Take advantage of my release special buy purchasing soon. Those who purchase will also free gain access to a webinar based on the workbook. Not only can you have all of these exercises and resources in front of you in workbook form, you can also hear from me as I walk you through each section. (Kind of like these blog posts - but in person and with more tips & examples!)  

I hope this download was helpful. Let me know!  Comment here or post on social media with the hashtag #GoalDiggersGuide!