OUTFITS & ACTIVITIES: What I've Been Up To The Last Few Weeks

Life is busy and beautiful these days so I wanted to share a quick peak at some of my outfits and activities the past few weeks! 


I've been working constantly, so most of my looks are business casual or gym clothes lately. Although, the pic at the top, right is from a night out with my sis! I'm all about floral (obvs!) and can't get enough of these new flats from Lane Bryant




My beautiful sister visited last week and we went to a trampoline park. These places are my BLISS! And, as you can see from my in-the-air-splits. . .I still got it! ;)  We also attempted (and failed miserably) at a sundae eating challenge at the historic Creole Creamery

I spent some time journaling about my first quarter of 2015. (My financial coach encouraged me to start breaking up goals into quarter/3 month segments - like businesses do- and I love it!)  Other than that it's just been prepped lunches and dinners and quick rests on my (carpeted) office floor before heading out to teach night class each night. I'll be excited to catch up on sleep and me-time in May!