LOOKING FAB IN ANY KIND OF WEATHER: Outfit Ideas for Changing Temperatures

Spring is a beautiful time of year! (I especially love April because it's my birthday month! Yay, April babies!) While it's fun transitioning our wardrobes into spring and summer looks, the frequently fluctuating temperatures can pose a challenge.

I have experienced dramatic weather changes throughout spring in most places I've lived. This year in New Orleans, it was cold and rainy high 40's/low 50's just a few weeks ago and now we regularly have a high of 80! It's like one day I was wearing boots and the next day I was in sandals. (No lie!)

As a fatshionista on a budget, I find creative ways to wear my garments throughout all seasons.  Also - when I love something, it's hard for me to only wear it for a few months of the year!! I need my favorites to work with me in all weather! 

Inspired by Garner Style's incredibly cute and clever "three ways to wear one garment" posts, I wanted to share some ways I make one piece work for a variety of temperatures. Most of these item's are older stables of my wardrobe - so they're not available anymore. But, I have linked the items that are. All outfit details are below each image!

Floral Dress - 3 Looks

This strapless floral dress is one of my favorites. It's certainly an oldie-but-goodie in my wardrobe. It's from Torrid - about 5 years ago! (Fun fact: I wore this to my college graduation.) I love how this dress fits and recently discovered that I can make it look like a skirt very easily. (Wearing a dress as a skirt provides more outfit options for one garment!)

WARM LOOK: I wear this denim vest on a regular basis in the warmer months. It's a great way to make a strapless dress a little less revealing and more comfortable. For a warm look, I added cognac wedge sandals and coordinating a belt.

COOL LOOK: I wear this type of look to work! It's a simple button down top tied at the waist - to reveal the flattering cut of the dress. Paired with black Lane Bryant flats - available here.

CHILLY LOOK: Booties and a moto jacket can easily make a dress like this work - even if there's a chill in the air! For more warmth, I put a crop top on over the dress. The length of the crop falls perfectly to maintain the skirt illusion.

black & white foral dress

This simple and fun dress can be worn from warm to cold!

WARM LOOK: Simple accessories! Earrings, black and gold belt, and black and gold sandals. (Those are my favorite sandals from Lane Bryant last year. I got some extras last summer because I knew I would want a fresh pair this summer.)

CHILLY LOOK: Replace sandals for booties and a simple crop cardi to make this look work in cooler weather. Silver accessories - belt and necklace. (At the moment, this cardi is still available in my online shop!)

COLD LOOK: Add tights to warm up any look! And, this moto jacket and big scarf (two of my favorites) also add some warmth! (Everyone always asks me about this jacket - it's from H&M+ two years ago!)

harvest maxi shirt

This skirt is one of my all time favorites! I call it my harvest skirt because the colors remind me of fall. But, it can look fab any time of year. Its a Lane Bryant find - but is no longer available.

HOT LOOK: Simply styled with a tube top and sandals. The belt, bracelet and earrings tie it all together. I am sure I'll be wearing this as it gets to be tube top weather!

WARM LOOK: Worn here with a simple black t-shirt under this denim vest. For accessories, I have my regular bangles, leopard flats (hard to see!), a thin belt, and my amazing tortoise shell chain from Lane Bryant - still available here

COOL LOOK: For cooler weather, I wear this skirt with a long sleeved top. The one pictured here is over-sized and off the shoulder. The same belt and chain as previous but this time with tights and black flats. (Tights under this aren't my favorite - but if it's chilly it will definitely work!)

This is how I make one garment look fabulous in any kind of weather!  Let me know what you think in the comments below!