30x30 Challenge: 30+ Outfits With Less Than 30 Items

May was busy for me! One major part of my month was moving. In an effort to make packing easier and for a fun excuse to try new outfit combinations, I embarked on a 30x30 outfit challenge.

Essentially, I wore only 30 items all month to create 30 outfits. I *mostly* stuck to the items I selected at the beginning of the month. Actually, I ended up wearing less than 30 items. And, I included shoes!! (Of course I didn't count gym clothes or undergarments in my 30!) 

Many of these clothing items are my old reliables so I can't link most of them for you. The items I'm wearing that are still available are linked when listed below. (I am obsessed with my "Riots Not Diets" top!  The other linked top - not so much. Poor quality!) 


TOPS: (1) Black Tube Top, (2) Black Tunic Top, (3) Cream Tunic Top, (4) Chambray Tunic Top, (5) Riots Not Diets T-shirt, (6) Black T-shirt. (7) Black 3/4 Length Top, & (8) Snow Leopard Peplum Top

BOTTOMS: (9) Black Leggings, (10) Black Gathered Pencil Skirt, (11) Thrifted Brown & Black Skirt, & (12) Harvest Skirt, (13) Pink Accordion Skirt, & (14) Denim Shorts 

DRESSES: (15) Orangey-red High Low Dress, (16) Pink Floral Dress, & (17) Brown Fitted Dress

JACKETS: (18) Black & Gold Moto Jacket, (19) Olive Bomber Jacket,  (20) Grey Lace Blazer, & (21) Denim Vest (not pictured #fail)

SHOES: (22) Cream Snake Skin & Gold Strappy Sandals, (23) Brown Strappy Sandals, (24) Black Pointed Flats, & (25) Black & Gold Strappy Sandals 

ACCESSORIES: (unlimited) belts, jewelry, & scarves




Here's a peak at some of my #ootd looks in these outfits this month! 

I loved doing this challenge! Unfortunately, I wasn't diligent about taking #ootd selfies everyday to show what I was wearing but I'm happy I could do a recap for y'all! Plus, there are even more combos I didn't share here!