With great excitement (and an excessive amount of Instagram quotes), I proud to announce that I am formally leaving my day job! To put it simply, I am transitioning my side hustles into my main hustle!

My passion projects and side jobs are now at the point where they can’t grow until I can dedicate more of my energy toward them. I have no shortage of motivation, ideas, action plans, and opportunities – but a distinct lack of time. So, I am taking a big step and ditching my day job.  In fact, today is my last day! 

What's Coming Next? 

Now, Cat’s Closet shop posts can become more frequent as I'll have more time to dedicate to thrifting and the logistics of running my shop. In addition to my Minneapolis shopping event, I hope to plan a few more pop up events for late-summer and fall.

I see Cat’s Closet as becoming a compliment to my other Cat Inspired endeavors. I love plus-size fashion and sharing my style. What’s more, I want to inspire and motivate women to love themselves and pursue their passions. This summer I’ll be actualizing life coaching and related webinars, reorganizing my website and publishing lots more content, and writing an e-workbook! Plus, I now have time to do more style consulting – rooted in body positivity, of course.

Also, I don’t write much about a part of my life that I really love – my role as a Local Childcare Coordinator for Cultural Care Au Pair. I work with families who are interested in hosting au pairs in their home for childcare and cultural exchange. My favorite part is meeting regularly with the local au pairs in New Orleans. It’s great for my #WomanOnAMission #WomenSupportingWomen #GlobalStudiesMajor soul! 

In addition to (or, well, because of) this major job change, June is actually bringing lots of travel and excitement! My time is now my own so travel is more of a possibility! First, this weekend I'm headed to the beach for a fun Bachelorette weekend for one of my friends. Then, home to Minnesota for some family time, my best friends’ wedding, seeing my MN folks, and a pop-up shopping event at a fab Minneapolis thrift shop. Finally, I'm taking a trip to Miami to reunite with two lovely ladies that I studied abroad with years ago. 

This is something I have been thinking about and working toward for some time. I am excited to share this with you and look forward to updating y'all along the way! I want to be honest and open about my process to share the excitements and struggles of being a self-employed woman on a mission! 

Naturally, I have some fear about this major life change! But I continue to remind myself that if anyone can turn their passions into a thriving business and life - it's me and that no time is ever perfect - so I am creating my own opportunities and getting closer to living the life I've imagined.