CURRENT FOCUS: Bright, Fresh, Action

One way to help stay focused on goals/growth/intentions is to create a few mini-mantras in the form of some short phrases or words. Lots of folks do this. (I suppose it’s loosely based on this idea.)

Well, it’s already 19 days into quarter three and I haven’t properly fleshed out my goals for this three month period. But, these mini-mantras, in the form of simple words, are helping me focus on what I want to tackle in the upcoming months and the kind of spirit and motivation I want to bring to my work and life.

Right now, my words are bright, fresh and action. 


Bright in terms of ideas, sunshine, and my disposition.

I want to continue to let myself brainstorm to create new and innovative ideas. Brainstorming is probably one of the things I do best. Now, not all ideas generated in a brainstorm need to come to fruition but I want to give myself license to generate them! If I am going to make impacts (and, let’s be real, money) in ways that align with my passions, I am certainly gonna have to be creative.

At the end of almost every summer I look back and think “dang, I hardly spent anytime outside!” This summer is honestly the first in years that I am not disappointed about time outdoors. Thanks to two beach trips and amazing pool lounging and workouts, I’ve been soaking up a lot of sun and will continue to do so for the rest of summer. Related – I have been spending loads of time inside writing lately. I want to be sure to get outside (and, like, enjoy being outside) once each day.

Staying sunny and bright internally is something I want to focus on, too. Not for any kind of women-need-to-smile-and-be-perky-b.s. but because I am more productive and like myself more when I am feeling sunnier on the inside. (Also, reminder to self, one needs to get a decent amount of sleep in order to be bright!)

Bonus bright reminder related to smarts.  I need to remind myself that I am smart because sometimes I don’t feel it.  Things from my past are in the back of my mind like my 3.48 undergrad GPA that wouldn’t round up to cum laude or, my present day struggles like my constant use of google to make sure I am spelling words properly (that’s right, sometimes they’re so jacked up even Microsoft Word can’t correct ‘em) and how intimidated I get when reading legal or government language. Specifically, I need to trust that I am fully competent and intelligent enough to succeed. And, in some areas, more competent than the many people. (That might come off as braggy but I’m leaving it.)


Fresh foods, fresh style, fresh ideas, and fresh sheets.

Summer is full of amazing fresh foods. There is no need for me to be eating non-fresh convenience meals when I have the time to be making yummy stuff full of veggies! I want lots more watermelon and weekend baskets from Hollygrove Farm & Market in my life.

I am such a creature of habit. I want to challenge myself to keep my styles and looks fresh. I love sharing them with y’all and it’s no fun if I am wearing the same skirt for an entire week. Related to fresh style, I am taking a pretty big hair plunge within the next few weeks. Just let me say I will be crossing something off of my bucketlist!

Fresh ideas align with what I mentioned earlier under “bright” and challenging myself to do things I haven’t done before – especially in terms of business.

Also, fresh sheets. With my increased sun time, the amount of coconut oil I am slathering on myself before bed is astounding. I need to wash my sheets more often. I did the other day and it just feels so nice.


This one is simple. I just want to act more and to focus on doing instead of planning to do.

I am a planner. I love thinking about the future and making plans that align with where I want to be. Similar to the ease with which brainstorming comes to me, turning those ideas into plans comes naturally. But I feel like I am spending more time doing that than actually acting on those ideas and plans.

Do you ever feel like you spend more time planning to go to the gym than actually going to the gym? Because I do.

I am proud of the actions I have taken related to my business in the last year. And, now is the time to kick it into overdrive. I can’t let myself get so caught up in planning that I fail to act. I need to trust that the plans I’ve already created are good and that my intuition is on my side, too.  Based on what I shared in my other words, it’s clear that I don’t want to stop generating ideas – quite the contrary, but I need these ideas to be accompanied with action. I’ve created this beautiful opportunity to focus on Cat Inspired full-time. Now is the time to act!