IN A FUNK? 10 Small Ways To Kick Crabbiness

Last week I was in a funk. And, this week has been dangerous funk territory. For me, being in a funk means feeling crabby and unmotivated for no apparent reason.  I’ve compiled a short list of things I do to jolt myself out of a funk and work to kick crabbiness. Use this list when you're having a crab attack! ;) 

  1. Blast music and sing along.
    I usually do this in the car. And, I drive an old, crappy car with no other music capabilities than the radio. So, sometimes this means belting out mumble singing to pop songs I don't know the words to.


  2. Exercise.
    Take a walk! Go to Zumba. Swim. Stretch. Have a personal dance party. Endorphins are real, folks. Very, very real.


  3. Drink water.
    And maybe a coffee or diet coke. But then, more water! I feel like over 50% of problems in life are probably because we’re somewhat dehydrated. (This is not real science but, what I like to call, “Cat Science” - meaning, a mixture things I’ve heard but cannot site and my intuition.)


  4. Make sure you've eaten.
    Related – make sure you’ve eaten the most recent meal. And, if not, fix that quick!


  5. Put a deadline on your crabby.
    One of my friends taught me this. If you’re going to feel an emotion let yourself feel it intensely but give it a deadline. When the deadline comes – honor it and move on!


  6. Journal.
    You can write to vent about what’s going on in your world and/or list the things you are be grateful for.


  7. Reminder: negative just brings more negative.
    Remind yourself that positive brings positive & negative brings negative. When I am crabby EVERYTHING goes wrong. For instance, first I’m stubbing my toe, then I’m out of almond milk, then my eye pencil is dull and there is no sharpener in sight, then I get in the car to go to work and forget that I’m on E. Right? Bad energy just brings more bad stuff! So, it's good to remind ourselves of this as a push in the right direction.


  8.  Watch a funny show or standup on Netflix.
    My personal recommendations include Parks & Recreation and Aziz Ansari stand up. I also recommend “Dads dancing to Uptown Funk” videos on YouTube. I have no idea why but they just crack me up. . .every single time. (I watched it again while linking it here and am currently laughing out loud.)


  9.  Go to bed.
    And, vow that you’ll let your pissed-off attitude go by morning.   


  10. Clean or organize.
    Clean your apartment/office/room and listen to music or a podcast while you do it!


What kinds of things do you do to get yourself out of a funk? Let me know in the comments below!